How to find Data that has disappeared on the Web

New on RoGGKenya. On the example of the deleted website of the Constituencies Development Fund we demonstrate how you can find data that was once published on this site. You can do this via search engines like Google or – months and years later – with the engines of Read our page in the … Continue reading “How to find Data that has disappeared on the Web”

When Google finds more than the Governor’s Site itself

Many times it is better to search for documents using external search engines like google rather than internal search functions within a website. If you efficently use web search engines like google, you find more information relating to a topic than just what is published on the website. See how by looking at one example:

How to monitor Changes in Web Pages

Be notified if something changes on a web page that is important for your reporting. Examples You want to be notified when the Auditor General starts publishing the 2014/2o15 county reports on his website. As soon as this happens, on this page: a new folder for these reports should show up. You want to … Continue reading “How to monitor Changes in Web Pages”


When you go digital with your journalistic research these hints may be useful: How to search within web pages and files You do not have to read a CIDP’s pdf file with 300 pages! How to judge a website’s reliability Is the website you are using to get your story from legit! How to check … Continue reading “Search-Hints”