Analysed: The huge Gaps in MCA Sitting Allowances

The Budget Implementation report by the Controller of Budget (CoB) for the financial year 2017/2018 reveals massive differences and massive under-expenditure in sitting allowances for Members of County Assemblies. Both raise serious questions on what informs the inclusion of the huge amounts in the budgets and where the differences stem from. The media can follow … Continue reading “Analysed: The huge Gaps in MCA Sitting Allowances”

Is Public Procurement really favouring the Disadvanged?

Five years after the launch of AGPO, an assessment by media is worthwhile: whether the initiative reached the intended goals of allowing marginalized groups preferred access to government contracting opportunities. On July 29th 2012, former President Mwai Kibaki launched the Access to Government Procurement Opportunities (AGPO) initiative after the realization that in addressing the issue … Continue reading “Is Public Procurement really favouring the Disadvanged?”

Why Court Sessions make News

People like to hear and read about conflict. It’s always about one person against another: husband against wife, president against opposition leader, tenant against landlord, revenue authority versus taxpayer, neighbour against neighbour, employee versus employer, gang A against gang B, police against suspect, etc. There are a myriad causes and characteristics of conflict, and many … Continue reading “Why Court Sessions make News”

Overview: Documents & Principles of Budgeting

The county assembly decides on the budget though it is prepared by the executive. One principle according to the law: 30 percent of the county budget has to be spent for development. That means no more than 70 percent may be spent for recurrent expenditures like wages. Many counties have not met this goal.

Story: The County Emergency Fund

In times of emergencies, the Constitution and relevant laws, specifically the Public Finance Management Act allow for money to be budgeted and spent for these emergencies so as to alleviate human suffering. The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) states in Section 112 what the County Emergency Fund (CEF) can and cannot be used for:

Tenders for special Groups

Tendering Rules for Special Groups Procurement for special groups including youth, women and persons with disabilities. The Public Procurement and Disposal (Preference and Reservations) Regulations 2011 (ext. link)  provide a framework that guides this. These regulations cover groups or regions that have been disadvantaged over time and cannot be able to compete favorably with more established … Continue reading “Tenders for special Groups”

Areas of Reporting

Some relevant fields in good governance with the ruless and procedures every journalist should know about when entering these fields. More are being added over time.

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