When can a Person be held in Police Custody for over 24 Hours?

The killing of Rongo-University student Sharon Otieno has raised a lot of public interest. Beyond the public outcry for the perpetrators to be charged and punished, there are legal questions on the process of investigations and arrests. On November 16, Governor Obado of Migori was released again after repeyted police custody. And earlier, a key … Continue reading “When can a Person be held in Police Custody for over 24 Hours?”

Detention of eight School Boys probably illegal

The arrest and ongoing detainment of the eight Ambira Boys High School students is most probably illegal, a legal analysis made for RoGGKenya has found. In addition, the harsh reaction of the state agencies against the minor school boys is in sharp contrast with a leniency we can observe when famous politicians are involved. This … Continue reading “Detention of eight School Boys probably illegal”

Michuki Rules Enforcement may be unlawful according to Constitution

The enforcement of the so called Michuki rules for Public Service Vehicles (PSV) may be unlawful, according a new legal analysis made for RoGGKenya. While the rules themselves are valid, it is the abrupt implementation of the rules that can be challenged by the matatu businesses, the analysis by constitutional lawyer Steve Ogolla says. The … Continue reading “Michuki Rules Enforcement may be unlawful according to Constitution”


Police actions are a matter of great concern and fear. And it seems that the police are not always following the rules that were made for them. We point to some of the areas of conflict in this.

Peaceful Means first. Rules for Police Force and Firearm Use

Police may use force if it is necessary to protect law and order – that is a truism. But like almost everywhere in the world, Kenyan police are bound by some rather strict laws about when and how to use force. The law says, in short: 1. Non-violent means shall always be used as long … Continue reading “Peaceful Means first. Rules for Police Force and Firearm Use”

National Police Service Act

The National Police Service Act, as downloaded from kenyalaw.org on August 13, 2017 Arrangement of Sections PART I – PRELIMINARY 1.Short title 2.Interpretation 2.Interpretation 3.Object of Act PART II – COMPOSITION, FUNCTIONS AND POWERS OF THE SERVICE 4.Composition of the Service 4.Composition of the Service 5.Gender, ethnic and regional balance 5.Gender, ethnic and regional balance … Continue reading “National Police Service Act”

Amnesty International warning outdated?

RoGGKenya could not verify an Amnesty International allegation that Kenyan MPs were sneaking an amendment into a law which would change the IPOA Act so that the police could easily find pretexts to withhold information from the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA). The AI East Africa Researcher had raised alarm over the National Assembly’s Miscellaneous Amendments … Continue reading “Amnesty International warning outdated?”

New Amnesty Internation Report lists serious Complaints about Kenya

The Amnesty International Report on the state of the world’s human rights has just been released. It lists several issues of serious concern about Kenya, including extrajudicial killings and disappearances, corruption, human rights violations in counter-terror actions, the intimidation and harassment of journalists, bloggers and other members of civil society as well as forced evictions … Continue reading “New Amnesty Internation Report lists serious Complaints about Kenya”

Asking Questions About Police Malpractice

How easy is it in Kenya for a criminal to fetch weapons from the state? Seven police rifles and other ammunition were robbed last week from a police post in Mumias. Radio, TV stations, and newspapers reported widely on the robbery as well as on the brutal police raids that followed and – as reported – have … Continue reading “Asking Questions About Police Malpractice”