The National Assembly

The National Assembly is one of the two arms or chambers of parliament, the other being the Senate. The role of the National Assembly and in extension the role of a Member of Parliament is to be found in Article 95 of the Kenyan Constitution. From how media report on Members of Parliament it seems … Continue reading “The National Assembly”

IPOA – Independent Policing Oversight Authority struggling with NPS non-compliance

The Kenyan Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) is the authority that shall hold the Kenyan police accountable to the public, shall help the police to be professional, transparent and accountable and shall ensure independent oversight of the handling of complaints by the police service. (Sec. 5 of the IPOA Act)  It has extensive powers. For … Continue reading “IPOA – Independent Policing Oversight Authority struggling with NPS non-compliance”

Controller of Budget Act

The Controller of Budget Act which was enacted in September 2016, lays down operations details of the Controller of Budget. Her main tasks are; quarterly budget implementation reports (Sec.9) and special reports provided for in the constitution (Sec. 10). Quarterly reports have to be published and publicised within 14 days after submission to the parliament … Continue reading “Controller of Budget Act”

Media Council Act, 2013

The Media Council Act provides rules for media and journalists (also their code of conduct) and the oversight role of the Media Council of Kenya (MCK).

Teachers Service Commission

The tasks of the Kenyan Teachers Service Commission are established in Art. 237 of the Constitution Legal Details: Teachers Service Commission Act, 2012 (external link) The commission is one of the independent commissions in the constitution to which these common rules apply Official Website    

Commission on Revenue Allocation

The Commission on Revenue Allocation submits recommendations to the Kenyan Parliament on how the national revenue should be divided up between the national government and the counties as well as among the counties. ( Art. 215 and 216 of the Kenyan Constitution ) See this example –  Commission on Revenue Allocations Recommendation of Nov 19, … Continue reading “Commission on Revenue Allocation”

Judicial Service Commission

This is what Art. 172 of the Constitution says about the Judicial Service Commission (The composition is provided for in Art. 171) “Functions of the Judicial Service Commission. 172. (1) The Judicial Service Commission shall promote and facilitate the independence and accountability of the judiciary and the efficient, effective and transparent administration of justice and … Continue reading “Judicial Service Commission”

Independent Commissions for Good Governance

Independent commissions established by the constitution have the task to ensure good governance in the respective fields which they are overseeing. We are listing some of them, later all.

The Senate

The Kenyan Senate’ main tasks are all related to the counties. It is one of the two houses or chambers of parliament with the other being the National Assembly. (Article 93 of the Constitution ). The Senate should make and amend laws (legislation), represent the counties (representation), and monitor the county governments (oversight).


The Constitution of Kenya is the first document to look at with respect to good governance. Compared to the constitutions of other countries, it is quite detailed.

PPOA – Public Procurement Oversight Authority

From 2016, the Public Procurement Oversight Authority (PPOA) is transiting into the new Public Procurement Regulatory Agency (PPRA). see Section 8 of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015…

COB – Controller of Budget

The Controller of Budget, presently Agnes Odhiambo, is in charge of overseeing the current financial operations of the state of Kenya including the counties. She is nominated by the President of Kenya for a term of eight years. Her tasks are established by Article 228 of the Constitution. The COB’s office authorizes any withdrawal from public … Continue reading “COB – Controller of Budget”