Kenyan Courts Record 84 % Reduction in Case Backlog

It is said that ‘justice delayed is justice denied’ and Kenyans know this very well since cases take too long in court. A court cases can be expensive considering that lawyers usually charge fees based on among other things, the number of appearances made in the court on behalf of their clients. The involved parties … Continue reading “Kenyan Courts Record 84 % Reduction in Case Backlog”

Auditor General

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) shall audit and report within six months after the financial year, accounts of public entities among others, accounts of the county governments and assemblies as well as all other funds and authorities under the county governments (complete list see Article 229 of the constitution).

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Act

This Act restructures the way the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights should operate, its rights and limitations – pursuant to Article 59 of the Kenyan constitution. The Commission on Administrative Justice Act is like the sister Act to this one.

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

The National Human Rights Commission is – among other tasks – in charge of investigating complaints of abuse of power, unfair treatment, manifest injustice or unlawful, oppressive, unfair or unresponsive official conduct, and it may investigate against state organs.

Independent Commissions for Good Governance

Independent commissions established by the constitution have the task to ensure good governance in the respective fields which they are overseeing. We are listing some of them, later all.

Assets Recovery Agency

The Assets Recovery Agency is – among other tasks in charge of getting hold of assets that were at least suspected to have been acquired illegaly or with illegaly acquired finances. The agency is established in Sec 52 to 55 of the Proceeds of Crimes and Anti-Money Laundering Act The agency was involved in 2015/ … Continue reading “Assets Recovery Agency”

CAJ – Commission on Administrative Justice / Ombudsman

The CAJ deals with maladministration in the public sector, “such as unreasonable delay, administrative injustice, discourtesy or misconduct, incompetence or ineptitude, misbehavior in public administration, improper or prejudicial conduct, manifest injustice, abuse of power, unlawful, oppressive, unfair treatment or unresponsive official conduct and failure to adhere to the constitutional principles that all sovereign authority of … Continue reading “CAJ – Commission on Administrative Justice / Ombudsman”

COB – Controller of Budget

The Controller of Budget, presently Agnes Odhiambo, is in charge of overseeing the current financial operations of the state of Kenya including the counties. She is nominated by the President of Kenya for a term of eight years. Her tasks are established by Article 228 of the Constitution. The COB’s office authorizes any withdrawal from public … Continue reading “COB – Controller of Budget”