Controller of Budget Act

The Controller of Budget Act which was enacted in September 2016, lays down operations details of the Controller of Budget. Her main tasks are; quarterly budget implementation reports (Sec.9) and special reports provided for in the constitution (Sec. 10). Quarterly reports have to be published and publicised within 14 days after submission to the parliament … Continue reading “Controller of Budget Act”

Election Offences Act

The Election Offences Act, 2016 is in effect from Oct. 4, 2016. It provides, among others, for penalties (the highest being) ten million Shillings and/or up to to six years imprisonment, depending on the offence. “A candidate or any other person who uses a public officer or the national security organs to induce or compel … Continue reading “Election Offences Act”

Access to Information Act

The Kenyan Access to Information Act of 2016 (pdf) was enacted on September 21st, 2016. This is the Act as downloaded from on Sep 30, 2016: Arrangement of Sections PART I — PRELIMINARY 1.Short title 2.Interpretation 3.Object and purpose of the Act PART II — RIGHT TO INFORMATION 4.Right to information 5.Disclosure of information … Continue reading “Access to Information Act”

Acts about Agencies

These are the Acts that prescribe, how the anti-corruption and oversight agencies should be established and operated.

Kenya National Commission on Human Rights Act

This Act restructures the way the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights should operate, its rights and limitations – pursuant to Article 59 of the Kenyan constitution. The Commission on Administrative Justice Act is like the sister Act to this one.

Political Parties Act

Some say that during the 2013 elections, all political parties violated the law. So it is worth looking at the orginal source, the Political Parties Act, to know firsthand what should happen – and what shouldn’t.

Elections Act

The Elections Act determines how the democratic institutions in Kenya are selected. IEBC plays a key role in the procedures. The Elections Act is an addition governed by the IEBC Act. 

Media Council Act, 2013

The Media Council Act provides rules for media and journalists (also their code of conduct) and the oversight role of the Media Council of Kenya (MCK).

Public Audit Act, 2015

The Public Audit Act prescribes how the Auditor General should operate and, among others, it provides for penalties for anyone who obstructs official audits.

Witness Protection Act, 2010

The Witness Protection Act establishes agencies for the protection of whistle blowers who provide information about illegal actions to law enforcement agencies. The Act also provides procedures the agencies need to follow to maintain complete anonymity of such informers.

Public Officers Ethics Act, 2013

The Public Officers Ethics Act is simply a list of dos and don’ts for public officers in Kenya. It constitutes their Code of Conduct and more, like the obligation to file a declaration of wealth to uncover any suspected income and assets acquired corruptly.

LIA – Leadership and Integrity Act, 2012

The Leadership and Integrity Act constitutes the rules and code of conduct for state officers and, in some cases, for public officers as well. It names penalties for the offences under this Act.


The Constitution of Kenya is the first document to look at with respect to good governance. Compared to the constitutions of other countries, it is quite detailed.

Laws and Rules

The Kenyan laws and rules about governance are commendable. They are worth being pointed at, and that’s why we present them here.