When can a Person be held in Police Custody for over 24 Hours?

The killing of Rongo-University student Sharon Otieno has raised a lot of public interest. Beyond the public outcry for the perpetrators to be charged and punished, there are legal questions on the process of investigations and arrests. The key suspect for the murder, Mr. Michael Oyamo, was released by the Homa Bay high court. But … Continue reading “When can a Person be held in Police Custody for over 24 Hours?”

Why Court Sessions make News

People like to hear and read about conflict. It’s always about one person against another: husband against wife, president against opposition leader, tenant against landlord, revenue authority versus taxpayer, neighbour against neighbour, employee versus employer, gang A against gang B, police against suspect, etc. There are a myriad causes and characteristics of conflict, and many … Continue reading “Why Court Sessions make News”

Court Reporting

The judiciary is the battlefield for conflicts about laws, which makes court cases an important topic for media. Our ever growing section on court reporting should help journalists, even newcomers, to set out into this field.

Judicial Service Commission

This is what Art. 172 of the Constitution says about the Judicial Service Commission (The composition is provided for in Art. 171) “Functions of the Judicial Service Commission. 172. (1) The Judicial Service Commission shall promote and facilitate the independence and accountability of the judiciary and the efficient, effective and transparent administration of justice and … Continue reading “Judicial Service Commission”