Media Owners as main Threat to Press Freedom

The owners of their stations are considered by many radio journalists to be the main cause for their unsafety on the job and being considered to be politically partial. This was the outcome of a recent meeting with journalists from seven Kenyan radio stations when the participants took the initiative to bring their safety and … Continue reading “Media Owners as main Threat to Press Freedom”

Code of Conduct for Journalism in Kenya

The Code of Conduct for journalism is an important guide to how journalists should conduct themselves when practicing. It involves a set of rules and guidelines that should inform ethical journalism. It is the Second Schedule in The Media Council Act, 2013.

Murder of Journalist John Kituyi remained unpunished, Article 19 reports

The international free speech organization Article 19 has today published a report saying that the the murder of journalist John Kituyi in Eldoret in April 2015 remained unpunished. A suspect, a soldier, was acquitted by the court earlier in 2018, whereof the family of Kituyi was not notified, Article 19 reported. The case file is … Continue reading “Murder of Journalist John Kituyi remained unpunished, Article 19 reports”

Media Council Act, 2013

The Media Council Act provides rules for media and journalists (also their code of conduct) and the oversight role of the Media Council of Kenya (MCK).