Safeguarding against Fires – Update

Dear colleagues in Bungoma County. We have an update to our earlier post.

According to unnamed sources within the Bungoma County Administration the County’s fire squad does possess foam for fighting petrol accidents – but the fire truck could not move to the accident. The reason being that one driver had “the key” with him when he stayed at Eldoret during the time of the explosion. Continue reading “Safeguarding against Fires – Update”

Suggested Story: How well are Kenyans protected against petrol accidents?

This is a story for you: How well prepared, equipped and trained are Kenya’s firefighters and police to handle road accidents involving petrol trucks? (updated Dec. 12 – see bottom)

A major accident that occurred last Saturday along the Eldoret-Malaba-Uganda highway raises serious questions. A petroleum truck overturned and exploded thereby releasing tones of petrol that began burning because it was probably not properly contained. That put hundreds of local residents in serious danger because they had flocked to siphon the fuel leaking out of the truck.

Soil and water resources were also severely affected. The police and firefighters had an agonizing task of trying to get things in order. And while the truck was still burning other petrol trucks were allowed to pass near the site just ten meters away. Read your investigative research questions as a journalist at the end of the article. Continue reading “Suggested Story: How well are Kenyans protected against petrol accidents?”