Has the IEBC gazetted Election Results as required by Law?

As the Kenyan Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officially concludes the 2017 elections cycle today, February 12, 2019, by releasing an evaluation report, a serious constitutional question about the 2017 elections is unanswered:  Has the commission properly gazetted the complete results of the Genearal Elections in all six positions, as the law requires it? … Continue reading “Has the IEBC gazetted Election Results as required by Law?”

Win the RoGGKenya Award!

The RoGGKenya award. CALL FOR ENTRIES RoGGKenya invites journalists working in Kenya to a competition about reporting on good governance topics. Eligible are publications that are based on the information and inspiration of news or toolbox articles on RoGGkenya.org. The articles / stories / broadcast programs entered must exhibit professionalism and inclination to promote good … Continue reading “Win the RoGGKenya Award!”

Detention of eight School Boys probably illegal

The arrest and ongoing detainment of the eight Ambira Boys High School students is most probably illegal, a legal analysis made for RoGGKenya has found. In addition, the harsh reaction of the state agencies against the minor school boys is in sharp contrast with a leniency we can observe when famous politicians are involved. This … Continue reading “Detention of eight School Boys probably illegal”

Michuki Rules Enforcement may be unlawful according to Constitution

The enforcement of the so called Michuki rules for Public Service Vehicles (PSV) may be unlawful, according a new legal analysis made for RoGGKenya. While the rules themselves are valid, it is the abrupt implementation of the rules that can be challenged by the matatu businesses, the analysis by constitutional lawyer Steve Ogolla says. The … Continue reading “Michuki Rules Enforcement may be unlawful according to Constitution”

The Finance Bill 2018 and the Legal Rules

The fiasco that occurred in Parliament during the passage of the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s memorandum on the Finance Bill, 2018 has left many wondering whether MPs acted within the law. The National Assembly passed the Bill that contains a raft of punitive taxation measures, including the introduction of an eight per cent Value Added Tax … Continue reading “The Finance Bill 2018 and the Legal Rules”

Many Counties are late with their new Five-Year Plans

Many counties seem to be very late with formulating and publishing the new plans for the new election period  running from 2018 to 2022, according to a web search conducted by RoGGKenya.org. As of today, Aug 21, 2018, RoGGKenya.org has found only 24 County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) on the web pages of the county … Continue reading “Many Counties are late with their new Five-Year Plans”

Safeguarding against Fires – Update

Dear colleagues in Bungoma County. We have an update to our earlier post. According to unnamed sources within the Bungoma County Administration the County’s fire squad does possess foam for fighting petrol accidents – but the fire truck could not move to the accident. The reason being that one driver had “the key” with him … Continue reading “Safeguarding against Fires – Update”

Suggested Story: How well are Kenyans protected against petrol accidents?

This is a story for you: How well prepared, equipped and trained are Kenya’s firefighters and police to handle road accidents involving petrol trucks? (updated Dec. 12 – see bottom) A major accident that occurred last Saturday along the Eldoret-Malaba-Uganda highway raises serious questions. A petroleum truck overturned and exploded thereby releasing tones of petrol … Continue reading “Suggested Story: How well are Kenyans protected against petrol accidents?”