County Secretary

The Office of the County Secretary is the heartbeat of all operations by the Executive. The County Secretary is the Head of the County Public Service and also the secretary to the County Executive Committee. As Head of the public Service, the office holder is responsible for the coordination and smooth operation of all County … Continue reading “County Secretary”

The Senate

The Kenyan Senate’ main tasks are all related to the counties. It is one of the two houses or chambers of parliament with the other being the National Assembly. (Article 93 of the Constitution ). The Senate should make and amend laws (legislation), represent the counties (representation), and monitor the county governments (oversight).

County Assembly

The citizens of any county can turn to their elected County assembly member if for instance, the promised road in their ward has not been built. But this is the task of the County government, not the assembly. The county assembly, however, is in charge of budget making, oversight over the County government, law making … Continue reading “County Assembly”

County Treasury

The County Treasury is headed by the County Executive Committee Member of Finance (CEC Finance). It’s an entity comprising the CEC Finance, the Chief Officer of the county and the departments in the county responsible for finance and fiscal matters – with the CEC Finance as their head. Public Finance Management Act, PFMA Sec. 103 … Continue reading “County Treasury”

Stakeholders in the Counties

There are some key agents in the Counties who deal with budget, procurement and oversight, like the Governor, the County Treasury with the CEC Finance, the County Executive Committee in all, The County Assembly, the County Secretary and more.