A New Year’s Read for Media People: The latest Auditor General Reports

Start the year with reading the Audit Reports of the Kenyan Auditor General, if you find the time. The County Reports for the financial year 2016/2017 have been finally put online a few weeks ago here on the oagkenya.go.ke-Website. They usually entail a lot more stories than the few that a national newspaper can pick. … Continue reading “A New Year’s Read for Media People: The latest Auditor General Reports”

New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them

There are even more Auditor  General Reports on the Counties online by now. After the reports on the county governments those on the county assemblies have been added to the Kenao.go.ke-Website (see link below). For their interpretation: the reports of the Kenyan Auditor General mostly contain quite technical language that should be known by those … Continue reading “New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them”

County Secretary

The Office of the County Secretary is the heartbeat of all operations by the Executive. The County Secretary is the Head of the County Public Service and also the secretary to the County Executive Committee. As Head of the public Service, the office holder is responsible for the coordination and smooth operation of all County … Continue reading “County Secretary”

County Governor

The Governor is both the political and Administrative Head of the County. He is the one tasked with the overall responsibility of ensuring resources are prudently spent and the officers working for him follow the law in all operations. The Governor is directly responsible to the Citizens for the development and growth of the County. … Continue reading “County Governor”

Budget Review and Outlook Paper – CBROP

The County Budget Review and Outlook paper (CBROP) is prepared in line with the Public Finance Management Act, 2012 section 118. The Act requires that every county prepares a CBROP by 30th September of that financial year and submit the same to the County Assembly.