New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them

There are even more Auditor  General Reports on the Counties online by now. After the reports on the county governments those on the county assemblies have been added to the (see link below). For their interpretation: the reports of the Kenyan Auditor General mostly contain quite technical language that should be known by those … Continue reading “New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them”

Timeline of Budget Making

The budget making process in Kenya follows a strict timeline. At every stage of the process, there are various key events that happen which are newsworthy. Exclusive stories can be generated at different stages in the budget making process – from formulation, approval, implementation and audit. For details on the budget cycle, Refer  to section … Continue reading “Timeline of Budget Making”

Delay of County Budget Budget Papers may cause Trouble

Several County Assemblies in Kenya are once again on an illegal path with the budget making process. Already several critical documents that inform the budget making process have delayed in terms of submission, processing and approval in the County Assembly. Media in the Counties are yet to report on the budgeting delays which are illegal, … Continue reading “Delay of County Budget Budget Papers may cause Trouble”

Counties spent Millions to finance Sports Activities, illegally it seems

Counties have been spending millions of shillings annually to finance employees and Members of the County Assemblies (MCAs) to participate in sports activities that are ordinarily supposed to be a private affair. Each participating county spends approximately Sh 20 milliom annually to finance the games for both MCAs and executives. This will translate to Sh … Continue reading “Counties spent Millions to finance Sports Activities, illegally it seems”

Kakamega MCAs cost 12 Times as much as Turkana MCAs – why?

The latest Report of the Controller of Budget on the Budget Implementation in the counties in the financial year 2017/2018 reveals interesting data about  sitting allowances of MCAs. They vary considerably – and, at least on first sight, unexplainably. A good opportunity for county media to follow-up on. The extremes: The Turkana MCAs received only … Continue reading “Kakamega MCAs cost 12 Times as much as Turkana MCAs – why?”

Analysed: The huge Gaps in MCA Sitting Allowances

The Budget Implementation report by the Controller of Budget (CoB) for the financial year 2017/2018 reveals massive differences and massive under-expenditure in sitting allowances for Members of County Assemblies. Both raise serious questions on what informs the inclusion of the huge amounts in the budgets and where the differences stem from. The media can follow … Continue reading “Analysed: The huge Gaps in MCA Sitting Allowances”

A New Year’s Read for Media People: The latest Auditor General Reports

Start the year with reading the Audit Reports of the Kenyan Auditor General, if you find the time. The County Reports for the financial year 2016/2017 have been finally put online a few weeks ago here on the They usually entail a lot more stories than the few that a national newspaper can pick. … Continue reading “A New Year’s Read for Media People: The latest Auditor General Reports”

The County Fiscal Strategy Paper – CFSP

The CFSP is tabled in the county assembly no later than February 28.The document is approved (with or without amendments) by the 15th of March. The counterpart to the CFSP on the national level is the BPS, Budget Policy Statement.

County Assembly

The citizens of any county can turn to their elected County assembly member if for instance, the promised road in their ward has not been built. But this is the task of the County government, not the assembly. The county assembly, however, is in charge of budget making, oversight over the County government, law making … Continue reading “County Assembly”

County Assembly Budget

The County Assembly is entitled to a maximum of 10 percent of the entire County budget according to ceilings issued by the Commission on Revenue Allocation. The proposal for the County assembly budet is prepared by the County Assembly Service Board (CASB), chaired by the Speaker. Its tasks are named in the County Governments Act, … Continue reading “County Assembly Budget”