Nobody in Kenya can limit constitutional Rights

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has issued a publication called “Executive Order No. 1” (see picture) meaning to ban all non-NASA-demonstrations in his county. Steve Ogolla senses a “brazen abuse of office”: In short, this is nothing more than a passionate appeal to Kisumu residents to shun violence, maintain peace, law &order, and tranquillity in the … Continue reading “Nobody in Kenya can limit constitutional Rights”

How legal is the Kenyan “Resistance Movement?”

A scrutiny with election law expert Steve Ogolla on   Q: Just a day before the repeat Kenya’s Presidential Election, the opposition, the NASA coalition, has declared to transform itself into a “resistance movement.” And promptly, during election day we have seen NASA supporters set up illegal blocks on highways under that name of … Continue reading “How legal is the Kenyan “Resistance Movement?””