Michuki Rules Enforcement may be unlawful according to Constitution

The enforcement of the so called Michuki rules for Public Service Vehicles (PSV) may be unlawful, according a new legal analysis made for RoGGKenya. While the rules themselves are valid, it is the abrupt implementation of the rules that can be challenged by the matatu businesses, the analysis by constitutional lawyer Steve Ogolla says. The … Continue reading “Michuki Rules Enforcement may be unlawful according to Constitution”

Nobody in Kenya can limit constitutional Rights

Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o has issued a publication called “Executive Order No. 1” (see picture) meaning to ban all non-NASA-demonstrations in his county. Steve Ogolla senses a “brazen abuse of office”: In short, this is nothing more than a passionate appeal to Kisumu residents to shun violence, maintain peace, law &order, and tranquillity in the … Continue reading “Nobody in Kenya can limit constitutional Rights”

How legal is the Kenyan “Resistance Movement?”

A scrutiny with election law expert Steve Ogolla on Roggkenya.org   Q: Just a day before the repeat Kenya’s Presidential Election, the opposition, the NASA coalition, has declared to transform itself into a “resistance movement.” And promptly, during election day we have seen NASA supporters set up illegal blocks on highways under that name of … Continue reading “How legal is the Kenyan “Resistance Movement?””