Access to Information Laws not obeyed by Parliament and Auditor General

Parliament and the County assemblies are required under Section 39 of the Public Audit Act to make public within seven days all Auditor General’s Reports after they are tabled in national and county assemblies respectively. The Auditor General (OAG) has to comply with part 2 and 3 of section 39 of Public Audit Act by … Continue reading “Access to Information Laws not obeyed by Parliament and Auditor General”

Auditor General Reports: Read the Originals!

There is a lot of talk and news reports around the Auditor General Reports about the Counties for the Financial Year 2017 / 2018. But all this focuses just on a few points that politicians have brought up. As media, we should not get carried away by the political discussions. Let us set the agenda … Continue reading “Auditor General Reports: Read the Originals!”

Auditor General

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) shall audit and report within six months after the financial year, accounts of public entities among others, accounts of the county governments and assemblies as well as all other funds and authorities under the county governments (complete list see Article 229 of the constitution).

A New Year’s Read for Media People: The latest Auditor General Reports

Start the year with reading the Audit Reports of the Kenyan Auditor General, if you find the time. The County Reports for the financial year 2016/2017 have been finally put online a few weeks ago here on the They usually entail a lot more stories than the few that a national newspaper can pick. … Continue reading “A New Year’s Read for Media People: The latest Auditor General Reports”

New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them

There are even more Auditor  General Reports on the Counties online by now. After the reports on the county governments those on the county assemblies have been added to the (see link below). For their interpretation: the reports of the Kenyan Auditor General mostly contain quite technical language that should be known by those … Continue reading “New Auditor General Reports – and how to interpret them”

Auditor General Reports for 2014/15 finally online

The Auditor General reports for the national government and counties for FY2014/2015 are out giving reporters an opportunity to follow key leads to develop exclusive stories. Reporters can easily access the audit reports which point to glaring misuse of public funds and at times diversion of funds to non core areas. The reports are already online … Continue reading “Auditor General Reports for 2014/15 finally online”

Public Audit Act, 2015

The Public Audit Act prescribes how the Auditor General should operate and, among others, it provides for penalties for anyone who obstructs official audits.