Transparency International – Kenya

Transparency International–Kenya (TI-Kenya) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1999 with the aim of developing a transparent and corruption free society through good governance and social justice initiatives. TI-Kenya is one of the autonomous chapters of the global Transparency International movement that are all bound by a common vision of a corruption-free world. The global … Continue reading “Transparency International – Kenya”

DW – Deutsche Welle Akademie

DW Akademie is Germany’s leading organization for international media development. DWA supports the development of free and transparent media, quality journalism, and also offers programs to boost media skills.

CRECO – Constitution and Reform Education Consortium

CRECO Trust is a network of 23 civil society organizations in Kenya. These organizations belong to the broad human rights, governance and democracy category of NGOs founded in 1998. It is a culmination of a networking history dating as far back as 1992 with the exponential increase in NGOs involved in governance.

Article 19 East Africa

  ARTICLE 19 East Africa is an organisation that works to ensure plurality and diversity in the media. Their goal is to defend freedom of expression and information. They campaign to place information at the centre of development policies and practices.


RoGGKenya – Reporting on Good Governance in Kenya – is a joint publication by these five organisations: Article19 East Africa, CRECO – Constitution and Reform Education Consortium, DW Akademie, Kenya Correspondents Association and Transparency International Kenya. Follow RoGGKenya on facebook and twitter! Writing and editing: Miriam Chepchumba Bomet, George Githinji, Erick Ngobilo, Shitemi Khamadi, Paul Masese, … Continue reading “Contact”

Accronyms & Glossary

A ADP – Annual Development Plan AU – African Union – see AU Convention against Corruption Article 19   B BPS – Budget Policy Statement, see CFSP BROP – Budget Review and Outlook Paper, see CBROP BVR – Biometric Voter Registration   C CA – County Assembly CASB – County Assembly Service Board CBROP – … Continue reading “Accronyms & Glossary”

About this Site

RoGGKenya is a joint effort by five organizations: Article 19 East Africa Constitution and Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) DW Akademie Kenya Correspondents’ Association Transparency International The website is aimed at encouraging fact-based and impartial reporting on good governance and corruption in Kenya. It points to original sources, provides reporting ideas and gives hints on how … Continue reading “About this Site”

RoGGKenya – Reporting on Good Governance and Corruption in Kenya is a site for Kenyan journalists and bloggers. A one-stop-shop for those who are interested in reporting on good governance and corruption. In Kenya, it is a good time for independent media to report on these issues because: A huge majority of leaders in the country fully support the fight on corruption. Kenya has been ranked very … Continue reading “RoGGKenya – Reporting on Good Governance and Corruption in Kenya”