“Curses” are illegal according to a 91 Year old Kenyan Law

Well, this might not be the most important story about good governance, but anyway: It seems to be fashionable especially for elders to threaten to “curse” someone who misbehaves according to them. If you have time and would like to do a fairly unsusual story about those who threaten: Look at the Kenyan Witchcraft Act of 1925 which is still in place and ask if these people have violated that act. They could probably be fined and incarcerated for a while.

Here are cases of the recent past…

Maasai elders threaten to curse Raila.
Pokot Council of Elders threatens to curse leaders who incite youth
Gusii elders threaten to curse those who expose nude pictures of their politicians

Don’t all these elders hold themselves out as a
“witchdoctor able to cause fear, annoyance or injury to another in mind, person or property”?
Don’t they pretend to
“exercise any kind of supernatural power … to cause such fear…”?

(Quotes are from Sec. 2 of the Witchcraft Act)

Here’s the link to the Witchcraft Act