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For unknown reasons, the Auditor General has scanned and uploaded his own reports as pdfs that exclusively contain pictures showing the pages.
This means that our eyes can read them, but a computer can’t do it with the standard software.
We have changed this situation by OCR-reading (Optical Character Recognition) and re-uploading all the reports that we could find on the Auditor General website as of Dec. 13 2018. Those were, at that time, more than 1,860 pdf-files. Now, your computer of mobile device can find for you the words inside the reports – and thereby locate the respective file. And you can also find it, by putting your specific search terms into the field below:

OCR readings of files may produce small inaccuracies. Though files are reflecting what is in the Auditor General Reports, you must refer to the original report to be sure.
You find the original report by searching for the one pdf-file with a slightly different file name in our other directory.