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The website is aimed at encouraging fact-based and impartial reporting on good governance and corruption in Kenya. It points to original sources, provides reporting ideas and gives hints on how to follow-up on specific stories that are in the news.

The Idea behind RoGGKenya

The site was developed from DW Akademie trainings with radio journalists in the Rift Valley, Western and Nyanza regions. In these trainings it became apparent that a simple way should be found to leave opinion-based reporting and head for fact-based reporting on genuine self researched stories. RoGGKenya tries to facilitate this shift of perspective by providing the necessary resources at the fingertips or on the smartphones of journalists.

Do not expect technical Language

This site is written in everyday language rather than legal language to suit the journalists’ needs. For precise terms you may refer to original legal texts which in most cases are provided and linked to the content on this site.


All content provided on our site is written to the best of our knowledge. We may not be held responsible for possible errors or misinterpretations. Should you find any errors please inform us! We are also not responsible for the content of the external links shared on this site.

This site will be updated from time to time to conform to changes in law and procedures where necessary. We welcome any information on any updates in this regard.

Keep us updated

Let us stay in touch and update each other on any new developments in Kenya.

 RoGGKenya.org partners

RoGGKenya is a consortium of five organisations. We encourage journalists to visit the organisation’s pages using the link provided to find out how they can be useful when reporting on good governance in Kenya:

Our editorial team can be reached by email via editors@roggkenya.org.

More contacts are listed here.

We appreciate your comments, critique and suggestions!

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