Timeline of Budget Making

The budget making process in Kenya follows a strict timeline. At every stage of the process, there are various key events that happen which are newsworthy. Exclusive stories can be generated at different stages in the budget making process – from formulation, approval, implementation and audit. For details on the budget cycle, Refer  to section … Continue reading “Timeline of Budget Making”

Still missing: 14 new County plans for 2018 – 2022

14 of the new 47 County Integrated Development Plans for 2018 to 2022 are still missing on our download page, because we did not find them on the county websites. As a journo, look at our page, find out if your county is alread represented and ask the follow-up questions. What is the planning stage … Continue reading “Still missing: 14 new County plans for 2018 – 2022”

Many Counties are late with their new Five-Year Plans

Many counties seem to be very late with formulating and publishing the new plans for the new election period  running from 2018 to 2022, according to a web search conducted by RoGGKenya.org. As of today, Aug 21, 2018, RoGGKenya.org has found only 24 County Integrated Development Plans (CIDPs) on the web pages of the county … Continue reading “Many Counties are late with their new Five-Year Plans”

Overview: Documents & Principles of Budgeting

The county assembly decides on the budget though it is prepared by the executive. One principle according to the law: 30 percent of the county budget has to be spent for development. That means no more than 70 percent may be spent for recurrent expenditures like wages. Many counties have not met this goal.

When Google finds more than the Governor’s Site itself

Many times it is better to search for documents using external search engines like google rather than internal search functions within a website. If you efficently use web search engines like google, you find more information relating to a topic than just what is published on the website. See how by looking at one example:

County Assembly

The citizens of any county can turn to their elected County assembly member if for instance, the promised road in their ward has not been built. But this is the task of the County government, not the assembly. The county assembly, however, is in charge of budget making, oversight over the County government, law making … Continue reading “County Assembly”

How to search within Files

If you report about good governance or corruption, you need reliable sources. In many cases these sources are texts, tables, spreadsheets. Many are pdf files and some are in word documents in various websites. The texts can be long. Very long. Journalists do not have much time to read through all the text. But do … Continue reading “How to search within Files”


When you go digital with your journalistic research these hints may be useful: How to search within web pages and files You do not have to read a CIDP’s pdf file with 300 pages! How to judge a website’s reliability Is the website you are using to get your story from legit! How to check … Continue reading “Search-Hints”

Demand the detailed COB Reports

The Controller of Budget, presently Agnes Odhiambo, is in charge of overseeing the current financial operations of the state of Kenya including the counties. According to the Constitution, the Controller of Budget is supposed to approve all monies before they are withdrawn for expenditure. She is obliged to submit four monthly – in effect they are … Continue reading “Demand the detailed COB Reports”

The Approved Budget

The proposed budget has to be approved  before June 30th to allow the County to spend money from the budget allocation in the new financial year. The County Executive tables the proposed budget in the County Assembly by April 30th. The County Assembly first submits the proposed budget to the committee on Budget and Appropriation.